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Jody Shield

As well as being an investor and partner, Pippa sits on the Board of Trustees for the British Friends of Harvard Business School, and represents Sweet Capital on HM Treasury’s Investment in Women Code.

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Women earn 84c for every $1 earned by a man, globally.

Women need to work nearly 40 years longer than men to build the same pension.

Yet women achieve 63% better performance than men when given investment.

Savvy New Yorker, Jennifer Justice, is on a mission to get businesswomen the same deals as men. Until we start thinking like them, we won’t achieve our (well overdue) equality. Find out what’s she’s learned while rubbing shoulders with some serious players.

Financial planner and founder of Sugar Mamma TV, Canna Campbell, is passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve financial freedom and will show you how mindful practises, such as minimalism, can help us to achieve our goals.

Businesswoman and co-founder of the award-winning investment management company SCM Direct, Gina Miller, details practical ways women can become financially resilient, or in her words, have ‘good financial health’ through budgeting, saving, and investing.

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Money Mindset Coach

Melanie Eusebe

Co-founder Of The Black British Business Awards & Money Moves

Well-known to London's highest fliers as the must-see consultant on health and wellbeing, Jodie is committed to helping others overcome stress, anxiety and the fear of change.

Pippa Lamb

Investor & Partner At Sweet Capital

Melanie is an entrepreneur, board trustee and business strategist with over 20 years’ experience as a management consultant.

Bola Sokunbi

Founder & CEO Of Clever Girl Finance

Sales account executive and author, Selina, founded coaching platform Black Girl Finance to help women of colour thrive financially.

Lisa Conway-Hughes

Financial Adviser 

An exceptional leader in the finance and accounting industry, Bola is founder & CEO of Clever Girl Finance, a personal finance platform that empowers women to achieve real wealth.

Selina Flavius

Founder Of Black Girl Finance

Lisa is passionate about powering women with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve financial success. She’s the author of Money Lessons: How to Manage Your Finances to Get the Life You Want, a podcast host and founder of Miss Lolly.

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