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The women in your business are one of your greatest assets, and investing in them couldn’t be easier with AllBright For Business.

How many women do you have in your senior leadership team?

How do you ensure that you are nurturing the development of your female workforce?

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93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers

Trusted by leading global businesses

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A 12-week course giving your junior and mid-level talent a boost of inspiration, confidence and training to get them to the next level

Help senior leaders raise the bar with our curated programme for those looking to step into C-suite and board level roles

Give your staff a place to collaborate and connect at our beautiful London club, designed by women, for women

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So it’s never been more vital to invest 
in the women in your workforce.

AllBright is the leading global network for professional women, combining a digital-first toolkit of resources, with physical club locations and a global community. Driven by a strong mission to empower women worldwide, AllBright provides the tools that businesses need to support their female staff at all ages and stages of their careers.

Give your employees access to  events and workshops, held online or IRL

Cohort-based programmes that enable your female staff to upskill, connect and succeed

Your team can upskill with our hub of 170+ Academy courses, led by the brightest and best business minds


Companies with the most diverse C-suites are 21% more likely to outperform on profitability

1 in 4 women are considering reducing or leaving paid work due to additional unpaid labour brought on by the pandemic

It’s proven that diverse businesses perform better, with company profits and share performance being almost 50% higher when women are well represented in senior positions.

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